Products of DRAINBASE

artificial grass grid

Made from 100% recycled HDPE and 100% recyclable. HDPE offers the ideal combination between a sturdy plate and high elasticity, even in cold temperatures. Drainbase forms a thermal buffer between the substrate and the outside temperature, improving entry comfort in freezing weather circumstances.


Drainbase is innovative in the field of applications with artificial turf and it combines the positive properties of artificial turf with the possibility of buffering and infiltrating rainwater. Drainbase catches the trickling rainwater, buffers it under the tile after which the water then starts to infiltrate into the ground. This considerably increases the durability of your artificial grass.


Drainbase fixation caps

With the specially provided fixing caps and associated screws, the artificial grass can be fixed everywhere. Moreover, the specially developed Drainbase borders can easily be attached to the artificial grass using the caps.


The sides of the artificial grass plates can be finished with the optional Drainbase L-border. This prevents side soil from being washed away and prevents vermin from getting under the plates. 

L-border drainbase

Drainbase border

The ECCOborders Drainbase are specially developed to border easily and clearly your artificial grass project. Moreover, this border prevents curling up of the artificial grass.

Drainbase Borders