Applications of Gabions


ECCOfence is an ideal fencing solution to replace or complement conventional wire or wooden fencing. ECCOfence is a high-quality product that requires virtually no maintenance and has a tremendously long lifespan (unlike for instance wood, which can discolour or even rot over time). ECCOfence causes very little loss of space (only 16.5 cm of width for Alubox and 20 cm for PRO & KIT) without sacrificing security. ECCOfence consists of complete wire panels, even at 200 cm of height, removing the noticeable joints other gabion baskets have).


Looking to enclose your terrace? ECCOfence is certainly an ideal choice for you. ECCOfence gabion baskets have a natural look and suit both a sleek and a more rural environment.


In addition, you can also use ECCOfence gabion baskets to protect buildings or commercial premises, as they are solidly anchored in concrete.


ECCOfence gabion baskets can also be used as fences for your parking areas or bicycle parking areas.


Looking to promote your company? ECCOfence can help; its sleek and high-quality gabion baskets are sure to draw attention to your company logo or slogan.


ECCOfence is also an option for retaining walls, thanks to the fact that the gabion baskets are anchored in concrete, giving them tremendous load-bearing strength.

All you need to do is place a cloth where the ground presses against the gabion basket to prevent washout, and you are done.