Frequently asked questions about Gabions

There are two types of soiling to which we have already provided a solution:

  • Soiling by splashing water. Our solution for this is our floating configuration (available for KIT gabion baskets).
  • Soiling due to moss. With ECCOfence KIT & ECCOfence Alubox, we recommend that you clean the stones with a power washer after installation, which will make them less susceptible to moss and keep them from soiling as quickly.

No, ECCOfence nets are galvanised, only the tips of the net wires (where they have been cut) can develop minor rust.

Yes, ECCOfence mitigates a minimum of noise in comparison to a standard sealed fence.

Yes, a concrete pier or strip footing must be provided with a minimum width of 50 cm and at least reaching the load-bearing ground. Then the gabion baskets must be anchored to the concrete using anchor bolts.

ECCOfence KIT & Alubox gabion baskets cannot be moved.

No, when ECCOfence gabion baskets are correctly installed and anchored, and when the prescriptions regarding concrete foundations are observed. Extensive tests have shown that the ECCOfence gabion baskets cannot fall over when they are correctly installed. In one extreme test, a 25-tonne bulldozer attempted to topple the ECCOfence, unsuccessfully.

Yes, they can be used as retaining walls with a maximum height of 100 cm. Wherever the ground to be retained comes into contact with the gabion basket, a mat must be put in place to prevent washout. 

Under normal climate conditions, the ECCOfence gabion baskets will last a lifetime. 

No, they cannot as they cannot be anchored. If you stack gabion baskets, you run the risk that they fall over or become displaced.

No, this will not happen in any environment with normal levels of soiling. We advise that you clean the stones after installation, removing the haze and therefore the feeding ground on which moss thrives.

No, because ECCOfence gabion baskets are anchored with anchor bolts that have a diameter of 12 mm. These anchor bolts exert such an amount of force (allowing the gabion basket to be solidly anchored) that stabilised sand or screed would crumble. Gabion baskets must always be anchored in concrete (at least 350 kg cement/m³).

If you do not anchor ECCOfence gabion baskets in concrete, they may fall over. The only safe way to install a gabion basket is to anchor it in concrete (at least 350 kg cement/m³).