Technical specifications Gabions

The standard dimensions for ECCOfence KIT gabion baskets are (LxWxH* in cm):

  • ECCOfence KIT 50: 201 x 20 x 50 cm
  • ECCOfence KIT 100: 201 x 20 x 100 cm
  • ECCOfence KIT 150: 201 x 20 x 150 cm
  • ECCOfence KIT 200: 201 x 20 x 200 cm

* The height of the gabion baskets always includes the feet (height: 9 cm).

An ECCOfence KIT contains the following items:

  • 2 feet: they are hot-dip galvanised. The width of the bottom of the foot is 34 cm, the distance from anchor bolt centre to anchor bolt centre is 29 cm. The total height of the foot is 9.4 cm. The foot is also provided with two adjustment points for the calibration of the floor plate.
  • 1 floor plate: 201 cm in length and 20 cm wide: it consists of a Sendzimir-processed 215 g/m² V profile. The length of the floor plate is designed so that the plate automatically determines the distance between two feet, thus ensuring that the baskets are perfectly flush. The floor plate was reinforced so that they allow for a floating configuration without any issues.  The advantage of a floating configuration is that the bottom layer of stones in the basket will not get soiled by splashing water.
  • 2 baskets: they are treated with a 340 g/m² zinc and aluminium alloy as standard. The wiring of the baskets is 4 mm wide, and the mesh for the baskets is 50 x 50 mm.
  • 2 gabion ends including reinforcement plates: They are Sendzimir-processed 215 g/m² toothed panels. Thanks to the reinforced ends, the risk that the basket might bend is reduced to a minimum. Holes are provided as a standard to compensate for height differences. Panels taller than 1 metre require an additional reinforcement profile. The end plates also have holes provided to attach different ECCOfence KIT gabion baskets to one another (so that they form a nice straight line). If so desired, you can order an optional side net, so that the stones can be visible from the side as well.
  • 1 top net that is 201 cm in length. They too are treated with a 340 g/m² zinc and aluminium alloy. The wiring of the baskets is 4 mm wide, and the mesh for the baskets is 50 x 50 mm. The top net is bent at the side, making it very easy for the basket to be installed. The top net is then attached using 6 plastic strips (also included in the kit).
  • Connection hooks or spacers (6 for KIT 50, 24 for KIT 100, 36 for KIT 150 and 48 for KIT 200): they were specially developed so that the netting is secured both inwardly and outwardly. This prevents the netting from collapsing on itself during the filling process, and ensures that the netting will not bend over time. 6 wooden blocks are also included in the kit to protect the hooks during the filling process.
  • 4 M12 anchor bolts. The anchor bolts have a drill hole that is 12 in diameter, and a depth of 85 mm. The tensile load is 2,150 kg. So a single anchor bolt can carry a tremendous amount of weight. Because such an anchor bolt requires sufficient anchoring, they must always be anchored in concrete (at least 350 kg cement/m³). They may therefore not be anchored in stabilised sand.
  • Also, all nuts, bolts, and even plastic caps are included in the kit. The only thing you need to provide is concrete (at least down to the load-bearing ground) and your tools (diamond-tipped drill bit Ø 12, ring ratchet wrench 13-19 mm, hammer, and possibly a grinding disc).
  • As an option you can order a side net (340 g/m² zinc and aluminium alloy). You only need this when the stones need to be visible from the side. You do not need it when the gabion baskets begin and end against a wall or a hedge for instance.
  • As an option you can also order a foot to make a corner. This special foot can be used for 90° corners, and others.
  • Lastly, you can order energy-efficient LED lighting as an option to install at the bottom of the gabion basket.

We recommend 40 mm - 100 mm stone sizes, depending on the stone's form.

The usage conversion in m³ is:

  • ECCOfence KIT 50: 0,17 m³
  • ECCOfence KIT 100: 0,38 m³
  • ECCOfence KIT 150: 0,59 m³
  • ECCOfence KIT 200: 0,80 m³