The benefits of Garden borders

Fast installation

ECCOborders Easyfix borders are fast and easy to install by using a hamer. 


All ECCOborders Easyfix borders have a rounded top edge for optimal safety. The borders are perfectly safe to walk on barefooted; making our borders child and animal friendly as well.


Anchoring that can be placed randomly depending on your project. 

User friendly

ECCOborders Easyfix are flexible and sturdy all at once, and can be bent into 90° angles as well as flowing shapes. 

Anchoring pins

All our ECCOborders Easyfix borders consist of long anchoring pins with high impact resistance

visibility of mounting material

ECCOborders Easyfix borders have only limited visibility of the mounting material after installation. 

Easy installation

Easy installation

Thanks to the self-locking property of the profiles, the ECCOborders Betotop profiles can be placed very quickly and simply.

Long lifespan

Long lifespan

Thanks to the high quality of the used Inox (316) and Cor-ten steel, ECCOborders Betotop profiles have a long life. Moreover, they ensure that the concrete curb obtains a longer lifetime (the profiles protect the curb).

Wide application scope

Wide application scope

ECCOborders Betotop profiles can be used for both new projects and renovation projects which have already concrete curbs, so they have a very wide application scope.

Adjusting irregularities

Adjusting irregularities

Thanks to the length of the ECCOborders Betotop profiles irregularities in height between the concrete curbstones are perfectly adjusted.

Easily removable protective film

Easily removable protective film

Each profile ECCOborders Betotop has a protective film, so that the profiles are protected against scratches during shipment. Moreover, it is easy to remove the protective film and as a result you will not lose any time during installation.

Ideal in combination with ECCOgravel

ECCOborders Metalflex Benefits - Combination ECCOgravel

Metalflex 45 is extremely suitable in combination with ECCOgravel 30 and Metalflex 60 offers an attractive edge finish for your projects with ECCOgravel 40. The top layer of your gravel stabilization will be the same height as the vertical side of the Metalflex, so the visible parts are minimal.


ECCOborders Metalflex Benefits - flexible

A durable border that is suitable for straight or curved lines. The border is provided with recesses that allow you to follow your path perfectly.

The curved top guarantees optimum safety

ECCOborders Metalflex Benefits - security

The curved top guarantees optimum safety during installation and use.

Quick and easy to install

ECCOborders Metalflex Benefits - easy and fast installation

Lightweight borders that can be installed quickly and easily using a hammer and the provided installation materials.

Available in 4 heights

ECCOborders Metalflex Benefits - 4 heights

Metalflex 45 is perfect in combination with ECCOgravel 30 and Metalflex 60 offers an attractive edge finish for your projects with ECCOgravel 40.

Made of durable materials

ECCOborders Metalflex Benefits - durability

Thanks to the high quality of the material, Metalflex ECCOborders have a long service life. The L-shaped base also makes them very stable.

Aesthetically pleasing

Thanks to the use of high-quality corten steel, it is possible to give your tree the accent it deserves.

Easy installation

Eccoborders Treeborders are quick and easy to install by using a hammer or by pushing the Treeborder into the ground yourself.


Thanks to ECCOborders Treeborders, the maintenance of your trees becomes much easier, ECCOborders Treeborders also prevent damage to the bark with electronic, manual grass machines.

Available in 3 formats

ECCOborders Treeborders are available in 3 formats: with a diameter of 500mm, 750mm and 1000mm. The edge width also differs per format: 100mm, 150mm, 200mm