General info of Garden borders

The benefits of Garden borders

Our borders are designed to provide a nice simple, quick, and aesthetic finishing touch to garden paths, terraces, flower beds and lawns, parking areas, or driveways.

ECCO Products has 5 types of borders in its range:

  • ECCOborders POLYBORD: budget friendly, flexible plastic borders
    With ECCOborders POLYBORD borders you can define garden paths, terraces, flower beds and lawn areas in a simple and fast way.
  • ECCOborders EASYFIX: fast and easy to install border. Meet the smart successor of the BASIC borders. Characteristic is their simple installation and numerous application possibilities and various designs. They are available in Cor-tensteel and Galva. Black powdercoating is also available on request. 
  • ECCOborders BASIC: simple, flexible & economical borders
    Characterised by flexibility. Basic borders are flexible and sturdy all at once, and can be bent into 90° angles as well as flowing shapes. They come in Cor-Ten steel & Galva versions.
  • ECCOborders ALUBORD: superior aluminium border
    Typical is the suitability for use on both soft and hard surfaces. Available in height of 10 cm or 14 cm.
  • ECCOborders BETOTOP: quality profiles for finishing concrete curbs
    Typical is their wide range of applications. Betotop end profiles are available in Cor-ten steel & Inox and in a thickness of 1.6 cm as well as in 5 and 6 cm (passable).
  • ECCOborders DELTAsleek, high-quality borders with a solid basis
    Characterised by a solid concrete basis. Delta borders are available in Cor-Ten steel & Inox, and with thicknesses of 2 cm and 5 cm (can be driven on).