Installation of Garden borders

Easyfix were specially designed to use quick and simple! All you need is a hammer and the installation guide as described below. Easy as 1,2,3!


Easyfix border

Can be used both in straight lines and in slightly sloping shapes.


Easyfix Pocket

The anchoring pockets can be placed randomly.


Easyfix Anchor

Solid anchoring thanks to the long pins with high impact resistance. 

The ECCOborders Betotop profiles are placed on top of a concrete curb. These are self-locking, they cannot move after placement. Upon request the profiles can be attached to the curbstone with some cement.

Durable edging suitable for straight or curved lines with curved top edges for better protection during installation and use. A lightweight edging that is quick and easy to install. 


Determine the path

Determine the path using a measuring tape and a rope.


In curves

This step is only necessary if ECCOborders Metalflex are placed in curved lines!

The base of the border is provided with cut-outs that allow you to follow your design perfectly.


Place the border

Place the borders in the shape of the line and fix the border by driving the nails provided with a hammer into the base of the L-shape.


Connect the Metalflex borders

The edges can be fastened together with bolts and nuts.

Easy to install in just 3 steps:


Put the two halves together

The tree circles consist of 2 halves that can easily be put together by means of a plate and supplied bolts.


Push the tree border in the ground

When the two halves are connected, you push or hammer the tree circles into the ground.


Fill with material of choice

Then you can fill the area around the trunk with gravel or bark or another material of your choice.