Applications of Gravel grids


ECCOgravel sheets are ideally suited for the construction of your terrace. With ECCOgravel, you have a permeable surfacing system that also boasts a natural look. Thanks to their honeycomb structure, ECCOgravel sheets allow you to place a (heavy) garden table and garden chairs on the gravel. They will remain standing neatly on the gravel, allowing them to remain clean for longer as the water quickly permeates into the substrate. 

Parking areas & driveways

ECCOgravel sheets are ideally suited for your parking area or driveway. Thanks to the HDPE material (high-density polyethylene), the gravel sheets are frost resistant, and will therefore not break under freezing temperatures. ECCOgravel sheets have a compressive strength of up to 400 tonnes/m² when filled. Moreover, ECCOgravel sheets boast synthetic reinforcements between the honeycombs, allowing them to cope with torque resistance as well (twisting and turning a vehicle’s wheels).