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Gravel grids

You can choose between a plate height of 3 cm and 4 cm. ECCOgravel also comes in white (for lighter gravel types), in black (for darker gravel types) and in grey (ECCOgravel HDPE Grey : 100% recyclable and made from recycled material // Optimal to combine with more than 60% of available gravel types)

The 3 cm and 4 cm ECCOgravel® gravel sheets have similar properties (torque resistance, pressure resistance, flexibility, …). However, the distribution of forces into the foundation is better with a 4 cm gravel plate than with a 3 cm plate.


1. Place a sheet of paper on your hand and hit it with a hammer.
2. Place a phone book on your hand and hit it with a hammer.

Conclusion: the distribution of forces is better in the second case. If we apply this logic to ECCOgravel® then we may conclude that the foundation will endure reduced stresses when the plate is thicker. ECCOgravel 30 Double plates can be used for vehicular applications, on condition that the foundations put in place are very sturdy. The added cost for this additional reinforcement does not outweigh the costs saved by choosing a thinner plate.

Can the ECCOgravel® 30 Double gravel sheet be used in applications with cars?

Of cours it can, on the condition that the foundation is very solidly executed. The extra cost for this additional reinforcement does not always outweigh the savings of a thinner sheet.


Patio, garden paths & walkways

ECCOgravel sheets are the ideal solution for the construction of walkways and garden paths. Give your garden a touch of charm with a gravel pathway, without having to worry about maintenance or durability. The combination of permeable geotextile and the robust honeycomb structure prevent the formation of puddles and windblown dust. With ECCOgravel sheets, you will have a perfectly usable pathway, all year long.

ECCOgravel sheets are the ideal choice for the construction of a terrace as well. In case of heavy rainfall, ECCOgravel buffers the water, and then allows it to gradually permeate into the soil. This helps safeguard the environment, and prevents annoying puddle formation.

Naturally, ECCOgravel also boasts the perfect gravel sheets for your driveways and parking areas.

The dimensions for ECCOgravel Double are 160 x 120 cm (height 3 or 4 cm), and the available colours are white, grey and black.


Driveway & parking

Give your driveway or parking area a robust and durable basis with ECCOgravel sheets. This gravel surfacing system was developed specifically for applications involving vehicles up to 3.5 tonnes. The honeycomb structure of the gravel sheets ensures that the gravel will not shift once it is in place, thus preventing the formation of rutting.

Our ECCOgravel sheets are the ideal solution for your gravel terrace, walkway, or garden path as well.

The dimensions for ECCOgravel Double are 160 x 120 cm (heigt 3 or 4 cm), and the available colours are white, grey and black.


ECCOmarkers parking caps

ECCOmarkers marking caps - also called parking caps - are the ideal solution to mark your parking spot. 

Each marking cap is provided with a mounting screw TX30 7.5 x 212 to attach the marking cap in gravel grids ECCOgravel. The marking cap also includes a cover cap (ø 32 mm) making the screw no longer visible after installation and resulting in a nice finishing.

ECCOmarkers can be combined with ECCOgravel gravel grids, concrete etc.

ECCOmarkers marking caps are always packed per 50 pieces. About 8 to 10 caps per car parking lot are needed.


ECCOmarkers marking caps have a diameter of 85 mm and are available in white or black.

ECCOmarkers marking caps
ECCOmarkers marking caps