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Green Roofs

ECCOsedum are ready-made green roof tiles with five different layers and at least seven different types of sedum plants combined in one tray. ECCOsedum green roofs are composed of easily manipulated tiles - also known as trays - that can be installed by a single person onto the (existing) roofing. No need to be a specialist to install ECCOsedum green roof tiles. ECCOsedum combines a layer of weight with 5 sufficiently developed layers each with their own specific function (see also the technical information). ECCOsedum is produced in Belgium, both the production of the plastic tile and the “pre-cultivation” of the sedum plants take place in Belgium from a to z.


Following the example of Scandinavia, Germany, and Austria, our region is also seeing a significant rise in the popularity of green roofs. In the case of a green roof, the roofing is primarily composed of living plants. One of the major advantages of a green roof is the limitation of precipitation drainage. This helps prevent flooding. A green roof insulates against head and noise, is pretty to look at, and also exudes a clear environmentally friendly image.

ECCOsedum green roofs
ECCOsedum green roofs