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Green Roofs

ECCOsedum are ready-to-use green roof tiles with at least 7 different types of sedum plants combined in 1 tray. The ECCOsedum tiles or trays are easy to handle and can be placed by 1 person on the (existing) roof covering. ECCOsedum is produced in Belgium; both the production of the plastic tray and the filling and growing of the sedum plants is done from A to Z in Belgium.



Following the example of Scandinavia, Germany, and Austria, our region is also seeing a significant rise in the popularity of green roofs. In the case of a green roof, the roofing is primarily composed of living plants. One of the major advantages of a green roof is the limitation of precipitation drainage. This helps prevent flooding. A green roof insulates against head and noise, is pretty to look at, and also exudes a clear environmentally friendly image.

ECCOsedum green roofs
ECCOsedum green roofs

The protective coating is recommended at all times. This is to prevent damage to the roof membrane during installation and because of the extra water buffering volume.