A guide to creating a sustainable garden


In a rapidly changing world and not always for the better, the team at ECCO Products feels it is our responsibility as individuals to take action to improve our planet. And at a minimum, reduce the negative impact we are making for future generations, with our joint mission to make 20,000,000 m² of land water permeable by 2025.

As a company dedicated to returning the equilibrium to the water cycle through the design and manufacture of products that increase water permeability and reduce rainwater runoff in the built environment. We feel that we can play a more significant role in the education of society onhow their outdoor or green space, however small, can play an essential role in improving theoverall sustainability of our planet.

So here we have it, a guide to creating a sustainable garden. Our e-Book intends to identify what it takes to make your garden and outdoor spaces more sustainable with tips and tricks to help achieve sustainability.

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