ECCOgravel Sampleboxes

Fill the grid with gravel and give it a go! 1/15/2021

ECCOgravel provides the aesthetics of a gravel drive with the stability expected of tarmac or monobloc. Therefore creating the ideal surface environment for driving, wheel chair access and walking.

The gravel driveway you know, as never before.

  • Manufactured from HDPE, the UV and frost resistant material is extremely durable resulting in a longer lasting product.
  • ECCOGravel is water permeable, meaning rainwater can seep into the groundwater, preventing puddles, sinking or rutting.
  • Our honeycomb grid features a fully bonded geo-textile, this stops gravel shifting and weed growth.
  • With dimensions of 160cm x 120cm ECCOGravel ensures a quick installation time making it a cost effective alternative.
  • Comprising of 100% recycled materials.

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