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We are bringing our superior products to the UK Market 11/20/2020

ECCO products have been steadily growing and developing over the past 10 years, having achieved monumental success whilst establishing our position as a market leader across Benelux and France we have decided that now is the time to bring our superior products to the UK market.

With the building and construction industry being one of the largest contributors to climate change we believe it is our duty to educate our customers on the importance of sustainability. Several studies show that 13% of materials that go to construction sites go straight to landfill being unused. We believe that it is time to make a change, at ECCO we are breaking the stereotype of what an eco-friendly garden looks like it is no longer always a jungle bursting with wildflowers and insects. Instead we are offering a sleek contemporary alternative solution with products that are not only permeable, but they also emit far less CO2 in production compared to non-permeable concrete products or asphalt pavements.

At ECCO our vision has always been to deliver cutting edge innovations in the form of user-friendly products, with water permeability in outdoor landscaping being at the forefront of our purpose. Building regulations in Europe are becoming increasingly environmentally conscious especially when it comes to drainage, for example did you know that in France rooftops on new buildings must be partially covered in plants or solar panels? These changes can have a huge impact on energy consumption, air purification and reducing rainwater runoff. At ECCO we believe that it is only a matter of time before similar regulations are brought into action in the UK, which is why we have decided that now is the perfect opportunity to bring our products to the UK market.

Take a look at our product pages to find out more.

ECCOgravelGive your driveway or parking area a robust and durable basis with ECCOgravel gravel grids

ECCOdal ECCOdal grass grids are made from HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene), this allows them to remain flexible, even in freezing temperatures, and they will therefore not break.

DrainbaseDrainbase is an innovative, water-buffering tile system for a perfectly water-permeable paving with artificial turf

ECCOborders : ECCOborders are designed to provide a nice simple, quick, and aesthetic finishing touch to garden paths, terraces, flower beds and lawns, parking areas, or driveways.

ECCOfenceOur modern, decorative gabion baskets seamlessly combine natural materials with sleek design.

ECCOsedumECCOsedum are ready-to-use green roof tiles with at least 7 different types of sedum plants combined in 1 tray.

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