Launch ECCO Live


ECCO Products is constantly looking for innovation and extra service. The recent developments and decision of the Security Council regarding the COVID 19 virus, have accelerated our creativity. That is why we are launching our new, modern form of communication a little earlier than expected. Personal, physical appointments remain possible of course. Nevertheless, the way we spend our time is changing and our motto is product (ACT)ivity.


That is why we are introducing ECCO Live. This is a new way to organise personal online appointments.

How does it work? Via a form you can indicate which conversation you want, varying from product questions about information sessions to sales meetings. You choose a part of the day of your choice, on which we coordinate an effective hour and date with you. The appointment is online, you only need a device with access to camera and microphone in addition to a stable internet connection.


Interested in such a session? Book your ECCO Live meeting here


See you soon in our online meeting room!

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