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ECCOproducts is a product developer and manufacturer of innovative and user-friendly products with a strong added value for private and public spaces.

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Our main products are permeable pavement materials where the focus is on quality, innovation and sustainability.

Let us briefly explain the benefits of ECCOgravel (Download the technical sheet here)

  • Material: HDPE - frost-resistant sheets (HDPE only loses its flexibility at -100°C, whereas PP loses it at 0°C) - this makes us unique on the market.
  • Geotextile fabric: very precisely thermally welded + very good water permeability
  • Format: 160x120cm - folded. Very easy to handle and install
  • Plastic reinforcements ensure an even better distribution of pressure in the event of a wringing load
  • Pressure resistance: unfilled at least 90T/m² - filled to 400T/m² (pressure resistance is the same for the 3cm as for the 4cm)
  • Up to 15% more material in our sheets than our competitors: thicker, stronger cells.

All these parameters ensure that our gravel grids are very durable and of the best available quality.

The ECCOdal grass grids are extremely suitable for use in fire lanes, green parking areas, etc.

For the finishing of your projects, you can also discover our range of edgings on our website.

Do you prefer to work with artificial grass?
Then discover the advantages of our Drainbase artificial grass panels.

ECCOsedum green roofs play an important role in climate-proof building.
The city of the future is definitely a green city.

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