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The ECCO Cycling Tour, a 650 km bike ride in three days from Merelbeke to Moulins, is supported by the strong network of ECCO Products. Eagle also likes to contribute to this event. We had a talk with Robrecht Proot, Sales and Business Representative of Eagle.

Yves, could you explain exactly what Eagle does as a company?

We, at Eagle, are responsible for consolidating and transporting goods worldwide. The niche within our company is the transportation of art and beer. Eagle ships goods worldwide - popular destinations include Ireland, the United Kingdom, Scandinavia, the United States and even Pakistan, China and India. We also have our own customs department with experienced staff, who take care of all import and export formalities.

What is the link between your company, Eagle, and ECCO Products?

Eagle consolidates and ships various ECCO products to Ireland, the United Kingdom and Scandinavia. We also provide the correct import and export documents, so that a smooth transport can be guaranteed.

What is your motivation to sponsor the ECCO Cycling Tour?

As a transport company, you are often called the ''worst'' when we talk about ecology. However, at Eagle, we try to reduce our carbon footprint by carefully consolidating goods and by using shipping options to their maximum potential. Nevertheless, the transport sector still accounts for 22.3% of global emissions... So, if there are projects where we can offer our Ec(c)o contribution, we are more than happy to support them! Moreover, we agree with the motive of the charity Join For Water: the quality of our drinking water is and remains essential and concerns several generations, both this generation and the next.


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