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The ECCO Cycling Tour, a 650 km bike ride in three days from Merelbeke to Moulins, is supported by the strong network of ECCO Products. Hervé Groupe also likes to contribute to this event. We had a talk with Olivier Guivarch, Sales Manager of the aggregates, sand and materials trading activity within the Hervé Groupe.

Olivier, could you explain exactly what Hervé Groupe does as a company?

Our company is responsible for distribution to private individuals, professionals, public works and wholesalers. Having our own deposits, we apply a rational exploitation policy aimed at preserving resources and the environment, while guaranteeing our customers optimal quality, respect for deadlines and price control.

What is the link between your company, Hervé Groupe, and ECCO Products?

Hervé Groupe has a partnership with the ECCOproducts group for over 5 years.

What is your motivation to sponsor the ECCO Cycling Tour?

At Hervé Groupe, we are aware of the environmental impact of our activities and we are resolutely committed to a rational management of our operating sites. For example, we recycle demolition materials, we have reorganised the sites to rationalise the flow of materials, etc. For us, it is therefore a real pleasure to take part in an event like this, with a major ecological footprint.


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Zone Industrielle de l’Aufresne - Rue François Arago, 44670 ANCENIS


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