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The ECCO Cycling Tour, a 650 km bike ride in three days from Merelbeke to Moulins, is supported by the strong network of ECCO Products. Van de Poel Transport also likes to contribute to this event. We had a talk with Leslie Goris, Sales Manager at Van de Poel.

Leslie, could you explain exactly what Van de Poel does as a company?

Van de Poel offers a range of logistics services, from national and international transport and storage to complex supply chain solutions and cross docking, a logistics concept where goods are moved directly from the unloading dock to the loading dock without being stored first. In addition, Van de Poel has very strategic locations - specifically in Herenthout close to the E313 and in Rekkem to the E17, which ensures smooth transport.

What is the link between your company, Van de Poel, and ECCO Products?

We have been working together for years as a logistics partner of ECCO, especially for transports to France, given our strategic location near the French border.

What is your motivation to sponsor the ECCO Cycling Tour?

For several years, Van de Poel has been investing in reducing its CO2 emissions and taking measures to promote sustainable enterprise. For example, Van de Poel is part of a group of prominent logistics service providers and shippers who are guided by the VIL (Flemish Institute for Logistics) to improve their energy efficiency and reduce their CO2 emissions. Some examples of this are a CO2-neutral warehouse and eco-driving, where vehicles with alternative fuels such as LNG, biogas or hydrogen are used. In addition, Van de Poel obtained a Lean & Green star, where sustainable transport and reduced CO2 emissions are central, which therefore fits perfectly within the mission of the ECCO Cycling Tour.


Contact Van de Poel Transport

Atealaan 32, 2270 Herenthout / LAR B2, 8930 Menen

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Phone: +32 14 28 38 28


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