Sponsor in the spotlight - Weegmann De Gelas


The ECCO Cycling Tour, a 650 km bike ride in three days from Merelbeke to Moulins, is supported by the strong network of ECCO Products. Law firm Weegmann De Gelas also likes to contribute to this event. We had a talk with Patrick Weegmann, lawyer and partner at Weegmann De Gelas.

Could you explain exactly what Weegmann De Gelas does as a company?

Our law firm specializes in (international) commercial law. The services provided range from consultancy, over (out-of-court) dispute resolution to litigation.

What is the link between your company, Weegmann De Gelas, and ECCO Products?

Law firm Weegmann De Gelas is proud to be able to say that we advise and guide ECCO in the legal field since its start-up in 2010.

What is your motivation to sponsor the ECCO Cycling Tour?

As a law firm, we strive to do our part to protect our climate. For example, we try to separate our waste and we resolutely opt for sustainable materials. A few years ago we also banned plastic water bottles and we now filter our drinking water from the tap. And, even if it is a challenge, we try to work paperless as much as possible.


Can Law Firm Weegmann De Gelas do something for you? Please feel free to contact Patrick Weegmann or Saar De Gelas:

Baron Ruzettelaan 292 bus 0101, 8310 Brugge

Phone: +32 50 140 560 – Fax : +32 50 140 561



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