What are gravel grids and why should you use them

Laying gravel on driveways and external ground is an extremely popular method of surfacing and one that has a huge number of benefits. However, when compared to paving or tarmac, gravel surfaces are historically known to offer less when it comes to hardstanding.  


Common concerns about gravel driveways include: 

  • Accessibility – gravel surfaces and driveways can often prove difficult when manoeuvring wheelchairs and buggies. 

  • Gravel Shift – often with gravel driveways the gravel shifts into flow beds, grass surfaces and ultimately out of its desired area. 

  • Rutting and pitting – Regularly used gravel surfaces can often suffer from rutting and pitting creating mounds and hollow which not only look unsightly but can add to the accessibility issue and make it difficult for vehicles to manoeuvre.  


What are gravel grids? 


Gravel grids are a base system designed to be used under gravel surfaces. Manufactured from a range of materials from manufacturers across the globe the purpose is provide a stable gravel surface that prevents gravel shift, prevents rutting and pitting, whilst improving accessibility on gravel surfaces. 


Use of a quality gravel grid system should give you a similar hard standing to that you would find with tarmac or paved surfaces but with all the additional benefits you get from a gravel surface. 


What are the benefits of using gravel grids? 


Gravel grids provide many benefits both to the end user and the contractor. These include: 

  • Environmental  with ever increasing rainfall across Europe many areas are becoming prone to flash flooding. Gravel grids support the natural flow of water reducing rainwater run-off. The gravel combined with the grid systems allows water to seep through the ground without puddling. If you are a contractor that is dedicated to creating sustainable landscapes or an owner looking for a more eco friendly garden or driveway then gravel grids will help you support this. 

  • Cost efficiency – in many cases gravel surfaces are chosen as the ‘cheaper’ option requiring minimum skill to lay if choosing to install by yourself and providing a quicker result. However, not using a properly prepared surface can mean that regular replenishment of the gravel is required, extra labour is taken to remove shifted gravel and ultimately frustration with ongoing issues require a change of surface altogether. Utilising a gravel grid system requires less maintenance and replenishment and lengthens the lifespan of your gravel surface. 

  • Accessibility and stability – the use of a gravel grid system provides a secure base to hold the gravel creating a hard standing with similar firmness to a tarmac or paved surface, even on a sloped gradient. The support allows vehicles, wheelchairs and buggies easy access across the surface preventing sinking and providing greater traction. The impact of a quality gravel grid on the stability of the surface is so great that it even allows for walking in high heels. 


What is ECCOgravel? 


ECCOgravel is the premiere gravel grid system manufactured in Europe by ECCOproducts, a company dedicated to the design and manufacture of ecological landscaping solutions. 


When using gravel grid systems it is important to ensure that gravel does not get underneath the gravel sheet. ECCOgravel is manufactured in such a way that the risk of gravel escaping under the griis reduced to zeroOther great features of ECCOgravel: 

  • Manufactured from fully recycled materials, whilst being 100% recyclable. 

  • High pressure resistant. 

  • High torque resistance. 

  • Manufactured from frost resistant HDPE for greater durability and performance. 

  • Available in various colours which harmonise with aggregate. 

  • Fully bonded geotextile which stops gravel shift and controls weed growth. 

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